Since our inception we have created a buzz in the industry. We have been profiled by every major business publication, and universities such as ANU, RMIT, Macquarie and INSEAD have profiled us as a case study on disruption.

Here is some of the commentary on us.

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Make it so: An Australian bank banishes hourly fees

20 May 2015

The legal department partners with providers piloting new methods including software-based legal delivery.

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Bill Henderson blog: Artificial intelligence and the Law

4 September 2014

Plexus, a NewLaw law firm based in Australia, has just released a new legal product that purports to apply artificial intelligence to a relatively common,...

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A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

25 August 2014

For our part, and for the purposes of identifying the firms and companies that qualified under this name, we defined NewLaw as:

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The Future of Risk Management

30 June 2014

Conventional wisdom has suggested risks are two-dimensional, in other words, risks should be prioritised based on their impact and probability. However, there needs to be a third dimension.

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Artificial Intelligence comes to the law

20 June 2014

INNOVATIVE east coast firm Plexus has unveiled what it says is the nation’s first commercial use of artificial intelligence to provide legal services. In the...

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Notes on the future of Big Law Firms

12 May 2014

It was noted that for the first time in Australia large firms are encountering competition from brands such AdventBalance, Bespoke and Plexus.

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Alternative providers slam firms for ‘too much baggage’

23 April 2014

Mellett believes that traditional firms are hamstrung by their cultural and structural baggage, which makes it very hard for them to adopt new models.

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NewLaw down under

11 April 2014

The emergence of NewLaw in the Australia corporate client scene was kick-started in 2008.

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Stop serving your clients

31 March 2014

The simple answer is that legal should be better at saying “no”. However, solutions are rarely as simple as the problems that create them.

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Plexus launches thought leaders

19 March 2014

Plexus has found a niche acting as an extension of the ‘in-house team’ performing legal tasks, managing spikes in capacity or capability demand.

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Judgment looms for the future of BigLaw

13 December 2013

What is being called the BigLaw business model appears to be in trouble. And it's not unreasonable to ask if we are witnessing the last days of the BigLaw business model.

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Brisbane beckons for alternate firm

14 November 2013

What we are seeing from clients in Sydney and Melbourne is that they are looking for an alternative to their traditional law firms.

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