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Not many people like their law firm.  In fact, only 12% of (traditional) Law Firm clients would recommend their firm to a peer.

We are here to change that.   We have proven that there are smarter, more efficient ways to get legal work done – without sacrificing quality.

We are a law firm, but our business is built around new models that provide in-house counsel with new and innovative services. We are at the forefront of global legal innovation, and technology is at the core of what we do.

Does it work?  92% of our clients would recommend a peer work with us.

Here’s what we do:

Legal Automation

Consider this. 74% of end clients don't believe they get ROI from the time and money they spend on legal services (internal or external). Why? They want the impossible trilogy: work done faster, better and more cost-effectively.

Impossible?  Until now.

Our legal automation tools mean clients can get the legal support they need faster, more consistently and a lower cost than ever considered possible. Leaving their lawyers to focus on the high-risk stuff.

Since launching this solution over 2 years ago over 100 of our clients have made our technology central to how they deliver legal services.  It is considered by many to be the future of The Law.

Check out Promotion Wizard here and Legal Gateway here

Or watch our Managing Director talk with The Australian about the impact of this technology here.

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Legal Services

Our lawyers work with clients as an extension of their in-house legal department to manage projects and support during spikes in demand. With a wealth of in-house experience, our lawyers and management team offer clients access to top legal talent integrated into their business quickly and cost effectively.

The pace of change is accelerating and legal functions are racing to catch up.

General Counsels recognise they can never have the optimal mix of expertise to serve the needs of increasingly complex organisations operating in increasingly volatile environments.

Businesses are not only demanding ‘more with less’ from their legal services. They are demanding support on a bet the farm litigation, a complex transaction the next, followed by some critical advice on a highly regulated business. Or worse, they expect all three at once.

Traditionally legal functions would either entirely outsource this work to a law firm, or attempt to build large, unwieldy legal functions to solve all possible problems.

Many General Counsel are missing one of the best opportunities to transform the value they deliver. Leading GCs are building their functions around a number of business critical ‘core competencies’. For almost everything else that needs support they are ‘insourcing’ the work using Plexus’s secondees.

Our lawyers seamlessly integrate into the legal team ‘just in time’ for the engagement and depart when they are no-longer needed.

The result: Unparalleled support for business initiatives at a cost below the ‘total loaded cost’ of a full-time equivalent.

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New Law: everything you like about a law firm...without everything you don't

A number of years ago our client's said to us 'we love your model, could you apply it to address our recurrent legal tasks?' Hence, we pioneered the outsourced New Law model in Australia. It brings everything you like about your law firm (high quality legal work, 'fire and forget' solutions), without everything you hate (high fees, inefficient work practices, hourly billing and uncommercial lawyers).

Our lawyers work as ‘an extension of the team’ for many of Australia’s largest clients to support corporate, commercial, and property work.

Case study:

The challenge: One of our clients, major international retailer, was frustrated with the value they were receiving from their traditional law firm for property leasing.  Hourly rates were high, turn around times were slow, and advice was uncommercial.

The solution was tailored to the client’s aspirations.  It included:

  • An optimised redesign of their leasing workflow
  • A playbook of agreed terms to speed negotiation
  • An extranet to track matters
  • Document automation of common documents
  • Fixed fees with a Service Level Agreement

The result: A 55% reduction in total legal spend, 60% reduction in time to sign, and a reduction in administration time from the property team.

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