Deploying legal capability to many of Australia's leading brands

Top-tier legal talent on a flexible basis


Our lawyers work with clients as an extension of their in-house team to manage projects and support during spikes in demand. With a wealth of in-house experience, our lawyers and management team offer clients access to top legal talent integrated into their business quickly and cost effectively.

Most General Counsels recognise they can never have the optimal mix of expertise to serve the needs of increasingly complex organisations. Traditionally legal functions would either entirely outsource this work to a law firm, or attempt to build large, unwieldy legal functions in-house, to solve all possible problems.

However, businesses are demanding ‘more with less’ from their in-house legal departments and leading GCs are building their functions around a number of business critical ‘core competencies’. For almost everything else they are ‘insourcing’ the work using Plexus’ secondees.

Our lawyers seamlessly integrate into the legal team on demand for their engagement and depart when they are no-longer needed.

The result is unparalleled support for business initiatives at a cost below the ‘total loaded cost’ of a full-time equivalent.

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