A real career alternative

For Lawyers

Plexus Lawyers act as skilled advisers, project managers and legal specialists, stepping in to assist our clients’ in-house functions with projects, overflow work or specialist advice for a set period.

As a Plexus Lawyer, you continue your inhouse career but with the flexibility to take on only the projects that interest you, free of organisational politics. Projects range from 3 months to 18 months, with blue-chip organisations frequently involving some of the most exciting legal matters in Australia.

Plexus is a real career alternative. We work hard to maintain a core of highly skilled lawyers that are consistently engaged. Joining Plexus is joining a cohesive law firm, with the support and structure that entails, but without the partnership pyramid.

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How it works for Lawyers

Meet the Team

We will set you up for our interview process then if successful ask you to join the Plexus bench and onboard you (while you are waitlisted for your first engagement).

The Search

We start speaking with you about potential projects that align with what you want to do.

Finding the Right Fit

You meet our client and choose a project that feels right for you and the client.

Getting Started

Accepting your project, you will work onsite with our client but have access to all our training days, CPD portal and frequent Plexus team events.

Ongoing Support

We will support and guide you throughout the project with scheduled check-ins throughout the project with you and the client.


We will also start to line up your next project, unless of course you want to take some time off in between, that’s fine too, you can choose!

The benefits of Secondment

No Billable hours

No Billable Hours

Throw away your timesheets as you won’t be needing them anymore. You’ll become part of our team and you can let us worry about all the paperwork.



Work when you want and decide who you work for. Pick up shorter term projects or longer-term work, it’s up to you. We'll support you to find the right fit for you.

Care & Support

Work with a team that cares about you, your life and career. Our Secondment team stays in close contact from the moment you join.

Simple to Engage

It’s easy to get started as a Plexus Secondee. Our team will guide you through each step of the journey to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Top Clients

You will have access to Blue Chip clients and leading in-house projects. Our client list is constantly growing with new and exciting projects arising on a monthly basis.

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Can I access Law Firm roles through Plexus?


No we don't work with law firms, only corporates (in-house roles).


Who do I actually work for when working with Plexus?


You are an official Plexus employee when working with us. We pay your super, insurances and all the other stuff.


Can I take holidays if I’m on a secondment job?


Yes, you are paid while on engagement and retain all leave entitlements.


Are there any extra benefits of working for Plexus?


Yes, a lot. You get access to our CPD portal and learning & development, as well as all social events & access to other Plexus lawyers.


What if my project expires?


Typically, we move our lawyers between projects very quickly. When we ask you to join our bench we expect to be able to work with you consistently and on consecutive projects.


How long will it take to find my first project?


There can be a longer lead time to your first project but we’ll be communicating with you throughout the process so you’ll have lots of visibility.


What type of clients do you work with?


Our clients are blue-chips brands you want to work with – see below for some examples.

"Not being tied down in one location but moving from client to client has been very rewarding and great for building my skill set"

Christine Swan — Senior Counsel, Plexus

For Businesses

Plexus Lawyers are the extension of your team, when you need it.

Our Lawyers provide turnkey solutions to the constant capacity and capability challenges of an inhouse team. Our clients retain a tight-knit core team that seamlessly flexes up and down through Plexus to meet workflow spikes, or to tackle one-off projects requiring non-core or specialist skillsets.

Top-tier trained, inhouse experienced and backed by Plexus as a law firm, you know a Plexus Lawyer will deliver. The secondment structure means there is no impact to your headcount - you are engaging an external provider, just at a fraction of the cost!

Do you have an upcoming period of high demand on the team? Or a pending drop in core resources? Perhaps a project on the horizon that needs a skilled pair of hands? A Plexus Lawyer is the answer.

How it works

Just give us a call!

From there, we work with you to scope your requirements, and which of our lawyers will provide the greatest impact. Full time, part time, from your office or ours – we build the solution that fits.

We work hard to ensure we can meet the tight timeframes and immediacy of need that our clients require, and can often provide a solution within days. Our lawyers are extensively referenced and tested, and as a rule have managed several projects with us already, able to parachute in and make an impact immediately.

We provide you the profile of the lawyer we recommend along with a concrete quote for your engagement. We set up a coffee with you and our lawyer to ensure a strong team fit, and then you’re on your way!

We then continue hands on management throughout the engagement, ensuring a seamless experience.

It’s that easy!

Why Plexus works


Increased Flexibility

This is the tool you need in your toolkit to ensure you can access legal support as and when you need it.

Handle Varied Workflow

A great way to maintain an in-house team that can handle the peaks of demand from the business without having excess capacity during the troughs.

Find Specialists

It works to cover every specialist skillset the business may need without an unlimited headcount.

Low cost

Cost Effective

The cost effective solution to power your legal team that is easy to engage.

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What’s the average background of a Plexus lawyer look like?


Plexus Lawyers are top tier trained with a broad mix of in-house commercial experience.


Do I have to keep your lawyer for a set period of time?


Yes, but the duration is up to you. You simply commit to a set period of time which can be easily extended if needed.


How much lead time do you need to provide a Plexus lawyer?


Lead times vary from 2-6 weeks depending on the specifics of the project. The more notice we have, the easier it is to ensure we have the right person at the right time.


Do I have to manage your lawyer?


We encourage you to provide feedback and direction where needed, but our lawyers are our employees and we’re here to support them and you whenever you need.

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