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Welcome to the future of the law. The Wizard advises you on all the state, gambling, social media and alcohol regulations. It guides you through the process of creating a promotion to ensure you never miss 'the smoking gun', generates perfect T&Cs, obtains permits, reminds you of key dates - all supported by our team of specialist lawyers. As one marketer said to us 'this is a dream come true'.

We guarantee a perfect set of T&Cs in 24 hours or a full refund.

It's little surprise that Promotion Wizard has the legal industry's highest Net Promoter Score, 100% client renewal rate, and now serves most top brands.

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Legal functions want to free themselves up to do more strategic work, marketing teams want legal support that is lightning fast, unbelievably cost effective and always accurate.

It's is little surprise that over 100 of Australia's largest companies have adopted Promotion Wizard.

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