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Enable your Legal Function to do 'more-with-less'

Increase productivity, accelerate turnaround times, better manage risk, lower cost and improve client satisfaction…sound too good to be true?

Legal tasks are a giant ball of admin...with a deep legal insight trapped in the middle

Leading GCs are adopting technology enablers to magnify the impact of their teams. Legal Gateway links sophisticated automation, custom workflows, integrated eSignatures and end-to-end contract lifecycle management - on one platform - to scale legal expertise across the enterprise.

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A game changer in legal automation

Legal Gateway is purpose-built to increase the productivity of in-house legal teams. It empowers the business to manage routine legal tasks. While enabling your lawyers to get 'out of the weeds' and support strategy.

Self Service Apps

Self-service Apps

Business facing custom built apps that are like putting your best lawyer on the desktop of every client in the enterprise. This allows businesses to execute faster, more consistently and at lower cost.


No more walking the halls looking for approvers or uncertainty about delegations of authority. Legal Gateway’s workflows route agreements the right lawyer and/or business leader at the right time to guarantee governance.


Negotiation and execution

Legal Gateway provides a negotiation and collaboration platform that tracks all changes, version history, comments and supporting documents. It's integrated DocuSign to accelerate execution.

Document storage

Storage, reporting and analytics

Once executed all documents are stored in Gateway's proprietary Contract Management System. Need to see all agreements with ‘change of control’ clauses? Easy. Need to see all agreements with Acme, Ltd? Done. Want to see contract volumes, risk thresholds, turn-around times? Live dashboards give immediate visibility.

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