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Legal technology purpose built for in-house teams

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The world’s first Legal Operating System

Unlock the potential of your legal function to increase productivity, better manage risk and improve client and lawyer satisfaction… before it’s too late.

Legal technology that lets you do it all

Legal Gateway provides technology that allows legal teams to manage risk at speed, reduce costs, improve productivity and have happier clients, resulting in more engaged lawyers who can focus on the legal work they actually like

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A game changer in legal technology

Legal Gateway is purpose built for in-house legal teams. End to end contract management gives legal teams the tools to improve productivity, self-service apps create Intelligent Contracts to allow the business to move at unprecedented speed and allow legal teams to shift focus to higher value tasks.

Self Service Apps

Self-service Apps

This is no “paint by numbers” contract assembly tool. These are business facing custom built apps that create Intelligent Contracts using your own precedents and clauses, business logic and data. This allows businesses to execute faster, with risk triggers ensuring legal reviews anything above threshold.


No more walking the halls looking for approvers or uncertainty about who can sign what. Legal Gateway’s workflows route agreements to the device of the right lawyer and/or business leader at the right time with built in delegation capability to ensure governance - with a full audit trail.


Negotiation and execution

The days of email as a negotiation platform are over. Legal Gateway provides a negotiation and collaboration platform that tracks all changes, version history, comments and supporting documents and integrated DocuSign to execute the agreement when ready.

Document storage

Storage, reporting and analytics

Once executed, all documents, including on third party paper, are stored with all meta-data and are fully searchable. Need to see all agreements with ‘change of control’ clauses? Easy. Need to see all agreements with Acme, Ltd? Done. Want to look at performance measures such as contract volumes, risk thresholds, turn-around times? Yep.

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