Our Culture

Plexus = Sleep peacefully, work purposefully, live passionately

A number of years ago we asked the question: What would a law firm look like if you started with a blank sheet of paper?

Out went politics, hierarchy, poor work/life balance, and grey suits.  In came a culture you would expect to see in a modern tech company:  a relaxed yet high-performance vibe, a mission-centric organisation, no dress code and warehouse style offices.

Our mission; ‘Transform the Value of Legal Services’ for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the industry.  We take this quest seriously.

Our vision is to ‘Create the future of The Law’. Doing things better is at our core.

In just a few years: we have pioneered the Flexible Legal Services model in Australia, developed a proprietary process re-engineering methodology ‘Lean for Lawyers’,  established a global partnership Axiom Law, lead the way in ‘disaggregating’ litigation and M&A projects, and developed Australia’s first application of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry. These few innovations are just the start.

This culture is encoded in our beliefs:

Everyone wins:  We seek positive outcomes for every stakeholder.

I am my Word:  We deliver on our commitments. What we say we do.

Positive Intent: Our thoughts and actions are founded on goodwill and generosity.

Be an Owner:  We own the outcome and act with intelligent autonomy.


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