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The Future of Risk Management

27 May 2016

When negotiating an agreement recently I asked the counterparty’s lawyer, who was being unnecessarily intransigent, “What level of risk do you think your client would...

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What do you do when you see a lawyer drowning?

23 May 2016

There must be something wrong. No profession has more jokes about it than ‘The Law’. This humour veils a pretty disturbing narrative – The Law...

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How much does a lawyer cost?

11 April 2016

When everyone woke up from the party in the early 90s, they recognised that lean, highly focused businesses were dramatically outperforming bloated, vertically integrated organisations.

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One to one is over: Legal functions need to rethink service delivery

18 February 2016

Recent research suggests only 31 percent of corporate middle managers who had a legal problem went to the legal department with the problem.

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Four key focus areas for 2016

24 December 2015

More than 70% of executives’ report that the pace of change has increased. Several causes are responsible for this acceleration: changing consumer demand, global competitive...

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Legal Core: A best practice strategy

19 November 2015

A lack of a focused legal strategy is diluting legal’s effectiveness. After hundreds of conversations with General Counsel over the past five years Plexus has distilled down four simple criteria to identify your Legal Core.

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What Australia’s Top GCs Are Focused On (In Three Charts)

23 October 2015

Legal functions are largely missing the mark in client satisfaction. 74% of stakeholders are dissatisfied with the ROI they get from their legal function.

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A better model for contract negotiation

18 June 2015

The way many lawyers approach negotiation is destroying value. There is a better way. Ever had an argument with someone?  Of course you have. How did...

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Is it Time to Charge?

13 May 2015

I recently saw a quote from the Former CEO of Coca-Cola, Bryan Dyson, which read ‘value has a value only if its value is valued’....

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5 Dos and Don’ts for Running Your Next Trade Promotion Effectively

23 April 2015

Trade promotions (also known as competitions, sweepstakes, and contests) are a great way to “activate” your brand and drive revenues.  They enhance the loyalty of...

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The Legal Industry 2020: Hindsight

20 April 2015

Even the greatest industry troglodytes recognise that the confluence of market forces and technology is driving the most profound transformation The Law has ever seen....

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What Legal Can Learn from Sales

13 March 2015

Few corporate functions are more poles apart than Legal and Sales. However, perhaps we can learn more from the sales function than we realise.

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