Creating the future of The Law

Our Story

The Legal Industry was in a pretty dark place when Plexus was founded in 2011.  Only 12% of clients were satisfied by their law firms, and the profession had the highest level of depression of any industry.

Our founders believed in a better future. Their vision was to ‘Create the Future of The Law’ and they established their mission: To ‘Transform the value of Legal’ for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the community.

Since then Plexus has been at the vanguard of the most significant transformation in the legal industry’s history.  Our business model and innovations have been profiled as case studies in business schools globally and featured in publications including HBR, The Australian, and the ABC.

We are now the world leader in Legal Automation and Legal Innovation and our services such as Legal Gateway, Promotion Wizard & Plexus Engage are loved by over 200 of the world’s leading brands including General Motors, L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, General Mills and Samsung.

Proudly, Plexus’s Net Promoter Score is 7x the industry average and our rapidly growing team serves our clients from offices in the North America, Europe, and Australia.

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The Plexus Way

Our mission

‘Transform the Value of Legal Services’ for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the industry.  We take this seriously.

Our vision

To create the future of ‘The Law’

This culture is encoded in our values:

Positive intent

Our thoughts and actions are founded on goodwill and generosity.

Everyone wins

We seek positive outcomes for every stakeholder.

Be an owner

We own the outcome and act with intelligent autonomy.

I am my word

We deliver on our commitments. What we say we do.

Best Version

We challenge ourselves and each other to grow.

My role at Plexus puts me in a room with some of the most thoughtful, tech-savvy, and engaging minds in the business.

Dougall Stevenson, Legal Consultant

Plexus People

Plexus people are relentlessly curious and hell-bent on challenging the status quo. We are client obsessed, we believe in being ‘the best version of ourselves’, we start with a ‘growth mindset’ and ‘positive intent’, we believe there is always a better way. We set the bar high, are outcome focused and hate politics or anything that gets in the way of great outcomes. We embrace change, as there are no maps for where we are going.

This isn’t for everyone.  Many people love the comfort of a big predictable company.  But if you love a challenge, and want to create the future there are few better places to be.

Want to get to know Plexus people a little better?

Our People

Working at Plexus

Plexus people

We believe Plexus should be a platform for personal growth. To support this we operate an internal learning initiative called Plexus University, a core development initiative to support personal and professional growth.

Plexus people

Culture is at the heart of our belief system. If we were given the choice to grow big, but hate coming to work each day or to stay small and love each day - we would stay small every day of the week. Culture to us is great people, interesting challenges and a positive/supportive environment. To remind us of this we share weekly meals together and have a monthly “Happiness Project”. It is little surprise that we have near full employee engagement and no voluntary attrition.

We’re always looking for exceptional talent.

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Plexus: World leaders in Legal Innovation


April 2017

Plexus opens offices in Washington D.C

March 2017

Plexus launches Legal Gateway. The World's First Legal Operating System


August 2016

Plexus opens offices in London, UK

July 2016

Promotion Wizard achieves the legal industries highest Net Promoter Score


December 2015

Plexus profiled by HBR as an example of disruption in the professional services industry in a update on Clayton Christensen's famous theory


July 2014

Plexus launches Promotion Wizard, a world first end to end Legal automation platform encompassing thousands of regulations across seven jurisdictions

July 2014

In conjunction with Bendigo and Adelaide bank Plexus is recognised as a Value Champion by the Associate for Corporate Counsels

March 2014

Plexus is profiled as a case study on disruption by INSEAD. Macquarie Business School, ACTU, RMIT, AGSM and others soon follow


May 2013

Plexus was nominated a ‘Cool Place to Work’ by The Age

January 2013

Plexus launches 'insourcing' for large projects


September 2012

Plexus launches first 'Disaggregated' litigation


June 2011

The first company to bring innovation to the law, Plexus launches Australia's first 'Partner Free, Lean' Law Firm. Plexus is the first law firm in Australia's history to apply Lean Six Sigma to legal tasks - developing its proprietary 'Lean for Lawyers' process re-engineering framework